SharePoint Folder Operations Demo Using PnP JS In React Based SPFx Webpart

In this article, we will learn how to perform operations like add, copy, move, and delete folders using the PnP library in the SPFx web part. PnPJs is an awesome library that providers wrappers around SharePoint REST API so that we as the developer do not have to write repetitive code and also worry about details on how to pass headers, data, etc. It is not only limited to SharePoint but we can also use it to call graph and office 365 API. As this library comes as an npm package, it can be used for any node js and javascript-based projects. Today we will use it in the context of the SharePoint Framework.

Let’s start by creating an SPFx web part. Go to the command prompt and directory where you want to create your SPFx solution.

md pnpfolderoperations
cd pnpfolderoperations
yo @microsoft/sharepoint

Use the below options to create a new SPFx solution. (we will be using React framework, just because it is really cool).

React FrameWork

Once the solution is created you can open the project in your favorite editor(mine is VS code).

Now let’s install pnp library, use the below command in the node js command prompt.

npm install @pnp/sp

Command Prompt

For the sake of simplicity, we won’t be using any fancy UI ..we will just create buttons and perform different operations on click of the buttons.

Share Point

Let’s start making code changes, go-to editor.

Pass SharePoint Context to React component

1. Open  src\webparts\foldersdemo\components\IFoldersdemoProps.ts

Create context properties to hold SharePoint context.

import { WebPartContext } from "@microsoft/sp-webpart-base";

export interface IFoldersdemoProps {
  description: string;

2. Go to src\webparts\foldersdemo\FoldersdemoWebPart.ts

public render(): void {
   const element: React.ReactElement<IFoldersdemoProps> = React.createElement(
   ReactDom.render(element, this.domElement);

Setup PnP in React Component

1. Go to src\webparts\foldersdemo\components\Foldersdemo.tsx

Import library, you can do selective import but for this demo, we will be loading all presets.

import { sp, IFolders, Folders } from "@pnp/sp/presets/all";

2. In the same file, let’s initialize the PnP SP object with context. Add a constructor in your react class.

constructor (props:IFoldersdemoProps,state:{}) {
     spfxContext: this.context

Add  required logic in React component

1.  Go to src\webparts\foldersdemo\components\Foldersdemo.tsx

Replace render method with below code,

public render(): React.ReactElement<IFoldersdemoProps> {
   return (
     <div className={ styles.foldersdemo }>
       <div className={ styles.container }>
         <div className={ styles.row }>
           <div className={ styles.column }>
             <span className={ styles.title }>Welcome to SharePoint!</span>
             <p className={ styles.subTitle }>Folder Operations Demo using PnP</p>
         <Stack horizontal tokens={{childrenGap:40}}>
           <PrimaryButton text="Create Folders" onClick={()=>this.createFolder()}  />
           <PrimaryButton text="Rename Folder" onClick={()=>this.RenameFolder()} />
           <PrimaryButton text="Copy Folder" onClick={()=>this.CopyFolder()} />
           <PrimaryButton text="Move Folder" onClick={()=>this.MoveFolder()} />

2. Now let’s add the required method which will be called on respective buttons.

private async createFolder(){

    var libraryName = "DemoLibrary";
    var newFolderResult = await sp.web.rootFolder.folders.getByName(libraryName).folders.add("CreatedFolder1");
     newFolderResult = await sp.web.rootFolder.folders.getByName(libraryName).folders.add("CreatedFolder2");
     newFolderResult = await sp.web.rootFolder.folders.getByName(libraryName).folders.add("CreatedFolder3");
     newFolderResult = await sp.web.rootFolder.folders.getByName(libraryName).folders.add("CreatedFolder4");
    console.log("Four folders created");
    alert("Four folders created");

  private async RenameFolder(){

    var libraryName = "DemoLibrary";
    const folder =  await sp.web.rootFolder.folders.getByName(libraryName).folders.getByName("CreatedFolder1")
    const item = await folder.getItem();
    const result = await item.update({ FileLeafRef: "RenamedCreatedFolder1" });
    alert("Folder 'CreatedFolder1' renamed to 'RenamedCreatedFolder1'");

  private async CopyFolder(){

    var libraryName = "DemoLibrary";
    var relativeUrl = "/sites/TSwithoutGroup/DemoLibrary/CreatedFolder3/newfoldername"
    const folder =  await sp.web.rootFolder.folders.getByName(libraryName).folders.getByName("CreatedFolder2").copyTo(relativeUrl)
       alert("Copied Folder 'CreatedFolder2'  to 'CreatedFolder3' with name 'newfoldername'");

  private async MoveFolder(){
    var libraryName = "DemoLibrary";
    var relativeUrl = "/sites/TSwithoutGroup/DemoLibrary/CreatedFolder3/CreatedFolder4"
    const folder =  await sp.web.rootFolder.folders.getByName(libraryName).folders.getByName("CreatedFolder4").moveTo(relativeUrl)
       alert("Moved Folder 'CreatedFolder4'  to 'CreatedFolder3' with name 'CreatedFolder4'");


So we are done with changes, let’s test it…run ‘gulp serve’ and open SharePoint workbench.aspx

Let us first see how the library is looking before doing any operations.


Click on Create Folders,


Let us see the results of Create Folders operation. It has created 4 folders.


Click on Rename Folder.

Rename SharePoint

This will rename the folder as specified.


Click on Copy Folder.

SharePoint folder operations

The folder has been copied to the destination.

Sharepoint copied destination

Click on the Move folder.

Sharepoint moved folder

We can see the folder has been moved.

SharePoint moved foler


In this article, we have explored the below concepts.

  • SPFx React-based web part
  • Using PnPJS library in SPFx web part
  • CRUD operations on folders in SharePoint using PnP JS
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