Register new bot with Microsoft Azure’s Bot Framework from Azure Portal for MS Teams

In this article, we will see how we can create/register a new bot with Microsoft Azure’s Bot Framework from Azure Portal.

Please note that you would need Azure Subscription for this exercise.  You can follow this link to create an Azure free account for getting $200 USD credit which needs to be used in one month.

Go to and sign in to an account which has right to create Azure resources.

Once you are on the Azure portal home page, select Create Resource from either of the option below


Search for Bot Channel Registration, click on the auto-suggest value


Click on Create


In Create Resource blade, enter below information

Bot handle: Enter a globally unique name for the bot

Subscription: Select the subscription which you would like to use

Resource group: Create a new resource group or use existing one

Location: Select your preferred Azure region

Location: Select your preferred Azure region

Pricing tier: Select a preferred pricing tier; the F0 tier is free

Messaging endpoint:

The bot registration needs to know the endpoint of the web service where the bot is implemented. This will change each time you start the ngrok utility used in previous exercises.

Application Insights: Off

Microsoft App ID and password: Auto-create App ID and password

Click on create and wait till Azure provision resources….We should see notification of deployment succeeded once done.


Click on Go to resource to view the provisioned resource.

Next step is to enable Teams Channel for the bot. Click on Channels from the left navigation

On the next screen, click on Save.


Retrieve the bot app ID and password

We will need to keep this information handy to be used by creating bot code using  yeoman generator.

Click on settings on the left navigation copy the ID of bot (we will need it later) and then Manage.

We should see the below screen

Click on new Client Secret and fill in required information as below.

Once done, copy the secret value and keep in handy, it would be required later. That’s it, we have our bot registration done.

Please note that this article is a pre-requisite to the original article at this link to Register a Bot in Azure portal and retrieve Bot App Id and Secret.

Happy coding..!!!

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