Prevent multiple time submit button clicks in SPFx React based webpart.

This would be a quick tip and trick on disabling the submit button on react based SPFx webpart. Though I am showing here its usage in SPFx webpart but this can work in any React based project.

Scenario – As soon as the button is clicked, disable button immediately and then enable again once we are done without logic.

Step 1 – Add a state variable savedisabled of type boolean


export interface IReactGetItemsState {

Step 2 – Initialize this variable with false in your react component constructor.

Step 3 – Below should be your button html.

<button disabled={this.state.savedisabled} onClick={() => this.SubmitClicked()} type="submit" name="action">
                       {this.state.savedisabled ? 'Please wait...' : 'Submit'}

Note here we have added below attributes


and for button text what we are doing here is that is state of savedisabled is true, we will change button text to ‘Please wait..’

{this.state.savedisabled ? ‘Please wait…’ : ‘Submit’}

Step 4 – Our button click event.

 private SubmitClicked(): void {

    if (this.state.savedisabled) {

// below code is only to demostrate purpose in my case, it should be diffrent. 
// idea here is to set state savedisable to false when our code exeuction is done 
      Title: "Testing"
    }).then((response: ItemAddResult) => {
        //show success message


Hope this helps…Please leave a comment if you are facing any issue. Happy coding..!!!

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