MS Flow – Create new folder action

Before today if you had to create a new folder in  library from MS flow, you had to use create a file action and create a dummy file by giving folder as path. I remember someone was doing same and have asked similar question in  As of today, MS flow has a new action added ‘create a folder’.  So now no more of creating dummy file and then deleting this file just to create a folder in library.

In this article we will see to learn about output of action based on different configuration options selected/entered. For this scenario, I just created a sample MS Flow to trigger it manually.

Added action ‘Create new folder’. Entered below configurable values.

Site Address – Targeted site collection within tenant.

List or Library – Targeted list or library name.

Folder Path – Relative path from root  where we wanted to create folder.

Scenario 1 – Create folder at root

Ran the flow, within 1 second it was completed successfully 🙂

Let us check if targeted list has folder created.

Scenario 2  – Let us provide sub folder path where parent folder is not available(created) and see what happens.


It created ‘myfolder’ at root and also ‘subfolder’ within ‘myfolder’ .

That means we don’t have to worry about parent path is correct, Pretty awesome!!

Now let us see what is output of create new folder action which can be used in next steps.

For list – It is returning us instance of new item being created and all the columns associated with list.

For library – It is returning us instance of new item being created and all the columns associated with library. we can see checked out, comments associated with content approval.. all this columns are returned which can be further used.

Pretty awesome and awaited feature is available now. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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